The latest Creek Indians held large tracts off residential property discovered partially within the Georgia, partly inside the Alabama and you will partly within the Mississippi

The latest Creek Indians held large tracts off residential property discovered partially within the Georgia, partly inside the Alabama and you will partly within the Mississippi

Mommy mentioned that its dinner live him or her right up until it achieved this new Indian Region however, toward last of your travels which they had absolutely nothing to consume together with so you’re able to decide to make it history. It actually was indeed good pitiful ring you to definitely ultimately attained the fresh domestic guaranteed them to own that they had already been a year on the highway, eating has been around since scarce, the gowns which have been handmade had been wearing out, of several had passed away into the path, certain got lost the organizations and you will wagons together with already been put along with other family and there was indeed young children from the ring that has shed its parents.

Stephens, J. W.

J. W. Stephens was of Negro and you will Creek Indian blood and you may was given birth to around the establish town of Eufaula, Oklahoma, toward Canadian Lake, regarding seasons 1858. His dad and mom, John and Theba Stephens, have been born throughout the Creek Nation regarding dated Indian Territory, however their mothers, his grandparents, originated Georgia in the course of removing the brand new Creeks, from the claims from Georgia and Alabama, regarding the season 1833.

Migration of Creeks

Of course I really don’t learn physically however, my grand-parents features told me of their treatment into the Indian Region, and i can only inform you because it might have been passed as a result of me personally.

It elimination was nothing more than avarice and you may injustice into a portion of the Whites and you may suffering and adversity towards Creeks.

It at a time had owned big residential property however, from the treaties on the All of us, in the and you will prior to its elimination, they had left merely whatever they considered adequate due to their own means.

The whites proceeded in order to encroach on Creeks and you will insisted it circulate western, but they stood having a strong devotion not to stop trying their lands. The complete tribe stored council and also at one to appointment it absolutely was felt like that they would not give up just one acre away from the home otherwise exit home to its fathers it adored very well.

Next council appointment, a fellow named Colonel William McIntosh titled another appointment getting the guy recommended removing. Not all the went to this meeting. McIntosh closed a treaty for the United states, stating at council meeting that they had made a decision to change their result in the newest east, acre for acre, for end in new Indian Territory. Some other council was held because of the vast majority protesting, stating it was made by new minority and not almost all plus they carry out perish first.

New Creeks after that started to cry Colonel McIntosh got sold out, implicated your of treason at last burned his domestic and you may sample your. The males of McIntosh following the had been together with slain.

The fresh light some body known as Creeks savages because of this and all a style of sick something were told you of them, however,, in fact the ones murdered was slain according to tribal guidelines.

A few years afterwards the us government produced a pact for the bulk to get rid of them west, going for result in the newest Indian Area together and you will amongst the Arkansas and Canadian Streams. They were to maneuver her or him and you will present all of them with eating while in the the first year, letting them obvious belongings and you can introduce themselves.

A few of the Creeks kept on this occasion: of many, not, nevertheless refused to disperse and my grand-parents was indeed among those who was indeed driven out like cows and concerned the brand new Indian country by the wagon teaches as well as on ft. They sustained of a lot hardships, were footsore and you may weary, tattered and you will ripped. Diseases are included in this and many passed away along the route.

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