The Dualblader boasts Cougar’s UIX system

The Dualblader boasts Cougar’s UIX system

Conceptually the Dualblader is a fantastic bit of equipment. It offers an extraordinary amount of customization for many players and is developed through the ground up for simplicity. After per week of examination, I’m able to claim that the style is very effective when you look at the real life.

The Dualblader is not only about customization. It comes down equipped with a PMW3380 16,000 DPI optical detector that centers on accurate tracking and reliability. I discovered that it is dependably accurate in every single game We tossed at it. From DOOM Eternal to Destiny 2, the Dualblader kept up.

The 12 totally programmable keys also permitted me some innovative alternatives for key mapping. Getting the extra a€?wing’ switch positioning, eg, enabled unique mapping for chainsaw eliminates or grenade throws. Keymapping try an appealing affair using the Dualblader though since, unlike some other rats i have caused, the Dualblader relies entirely on the pc software for mapping.

In reality, most of the keys besides the biggest people need to be mapped from inside the UIX computer software before these are typically also recognized in a casino game. This, in essence, ensures that each online game really needs a custom visibility inside the UIX computer software for you yourself to actually have the full functionality outside of the Dualblader. Fortunately the UIX computer software can help to save numerous profiles however it does seems quite difficult to work alongside.

Furthermore, even though it are a 12 button mouse, only a few the buttons are actually useful always. To express, due to the ambidextrous build some buttons become difficult to reach predicated on which give you are making use of to work the mouse. This, consequently, ensures that no matter what way you own the mouse you never truly have the full use of the 12 option build. As keen on MMO rats such as the Razer Naga show or RedDragon M901 and M902, it was a bit of a disappointment to shed some of that option efficiency.


This program was designed to control every facet of the mouse. Sets from key mapping to RGB color choice is available right here. The software itself is easy to use and regulate. Every facet of the mouse’s handles was custom made here additionally the above mentioned customized profiles permit you to truly area in on how you prefer the mouse to work on a per-game basis. Its a relatively clear-cut affair to use but setting it up put in is yet another thing altogether.

If you intend on using the UIX software, that we would endorse because modification alternatives really are great, you will need to make sure you haven’t any antivirus system operating. I went into a problem while attempting to download the UIX applications where they had gotten flagged as spyware and mightn’t become installed.

Also briefly disabling the anti-virus software or flagging UIX as safe nonetheless brought about a mistake while in the install. It wasn’t until I did a complete uninstall of my anti virus that I became at long last able to get the UIX program working. Fortunately as soon as put in I was in a position to reinstall my anti virus and, about at the time of the full time of writing, the two are determined in order to get along. It really is slightly difficult to need to get through extra hoops to get UIX installed and operating but as soon as run it works good.


The Dualblader video gaming Mouse from Cougar Gaming is a fascinating little bit of components. It includes some serious changes and benefits each player plus some wonderful escort McKinney usability definitely difficult to get in other mice. A robust and exact sensor plus an absolutely personalized concept services set it apart from more rats in the marketplace.

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