For the past few monts GNSS-disciplined energy servers happen trying out a large percentage of my craft time

For the past few monts GNSS-disciplined energy servers happen trying out a large percentage of my craft time

Written by John Miller

Building and distribuiting the TimeHat went really well, also it gave me some further money to enjoy into a couple of things that i may not have had the capacity to normally, like picking right on up some ”real” GNSS timing modules! The unit I was a lot of contemplating was the Nokia FYGM, a GNSS time device designed to make use of Nokia mobile website equipment. The FYGM keeps a u-blox LEA-M8T, one of several much better timing-focused u-blox modules offered. Many people get these (alongside) timing modules from decomissioned cell internet through Chinese scrappers and recyclers only to harvest the receiver, but i desired to keep them as ”with each other” as you can.

Unlike common enthusiast GNSS segments, the FYGM has a some extra devices upon it, specifically an 8051 MCU. I’ve additional information on this about wiki, here, and so I’ll bare this brief. To start out, why don’t you just emancipate the M8T out of this board? You will find a number of grounds:

  • Really don’t need to building a company for any M8T
  • The first panel features quality electricity tools for any M8T and active antenna
  • Moreover it produces exceptional antenna defense circuitry
  • The integrated aluminium case is really wonderful
  • The condition LEDs (driven by the MCU) are helpful
  • The moment the panel footwear, it’s not hard to have the MCU from our very own method

That MCU, the 8051, going as being the greatest thorn inside my part. Before I experienced these devices within my possession all I experienced commit off was ebay list pictures and multiple stuff in the TimeNuts mailing list, but that has been sufficient to begin. And antenna input, the FYGM has one other connector – a 12 pin DIN amphenol-looking thing. Luckily all of the FYGMs i’ve discovered available inclide a completed cable to mate because of this (using an HDMI connector on number tool conclusion, with CAT7 once the cable tv it self), or else this connector might be a genuine discomfort to cope with, becuase it is not an amphenol, or anything that is apparently generally speaking readily available. Best 8 of pins on this connector utilized, crushed, DC in (taking from 12 to 35v), immediately after which three RS422 differential pairs for Tx, Rx, and PPS. Two RS422 transceivers at the base on the component create this signaling. My first intent would be to try and use these as-is, therefore I have some devices to work with RS422 – more about that after.

TimeHat a?¤ Nokia FYGM

Once I got an FYGM in my possession, I going tracing all the connections and headers. I became dissatisfied to find out that the RS422 transeivers’ input cannot arrive directly from the M8T, but rather they through the 8051. This designed that it probably wouldn’t become spitting down UART indicators right from M8T, a thing that turned out to be correct. Regarding bright side, the four pin connector adjacent to the M8T was, in reality, UART right from the M8T, meaning that bypassing the 8051 appeared like the possibility, and it also theoretically still is. The ten pin connector next ot the 8051 try a programming and debugging header for this tool, very perhaps eventually I am able to look over the setup out and/or reprogram it making it most beneficial to me. The more instant incorporate that header have will be the exposed reset pin – falling a jumper between it and crushed trigger the 8051 not to boot after all, thus through the UART pins near the M8T I’m able to interface with it immediately, and totally disregard the MCU. I didn’t skout PЕ™ihlГЎsit se wind up carrying this out though.

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